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Dependable Doctors For Your Vehicles

All the components of a vehicle are equally important for the completely smooth performance of a vehicle. However, some components get damaged and need to be replaced for an effective driving experience. As replacing those with new components could cost more, we – Auto Parts Company have come up with a solution to reduce your expenses and provide good quality components at very budget-friendly prices.

Furthermore, Auto Parts Company provides used engines for sale in the USA, transmissions, and transfer cases of various brands and models. Also, our team’s experience and extensive knowledge have led Auto Parts to stand out from the competition in delivering highly reliable, good performing, and best quality engines and other components to our customers.

Car Diagnostic

Facing issues with your vehicle? Let us determine the abnormalities with a car diagnostic check.

Regular Service

Regular servicing for any vehicle plays a crucial role in the proper maintenance of your vehicle.

Brake & Tires

Brakes and Tires are known to be important parts of a vehicle.

Oil & Filter Service

As oil and oil filters are crucial to keep your engine working,

Premium Services

The reflection of perfection

We aim to deliver the best performance to our clients with our renovated and developed used engines.

How we work

Reliability and Quality Service are Inferior

Make Appointment

If your engine is troubling you or if you are experiencing a low performance of your vehicle, make an appointment and contact us to get the new used engine. 

Get Your Car Fixed

We have different used engines of various models and types. Firstly, we check the condition of your vehicle’s engine and replace it with a newly renovated and developed engine.

Make a Payment

After we resolve all the issues with your vehicle, you can make a payment of the desired amount through the applicable modes and get your vehicle. 

Why Choose Us

100% Quality Assurance

All the engine models and products are tested after remanufacturing process so as to assure quality and performance for our customers.

Expert Team

We have a well-experienced and dedicated team at Auto Parts, and with their extensive knowledge base, we are renowned to offer great service to our clients.

All Brands, All Models

Auto Parts is the one-stop destination for all used engines, transmissions, and transfer cases of all brands and models.

24/7 Support

Auto Parts aims to deliver great service to the customers and so, we have a 24/7 support team who is dedicated to clearing all your queries.


You can avail 1-5 years of warranty on our used engines and if any damages occur in the warranty period, the part will be repaired or replaced.

Free Shipping

Auto Parts provides a free shipping policy across the states of the USA. Therefore, get your product delivered to your place in good condition.

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Used Transmissions

Transmissions in your vehicle play the most important role as it makes your vehicle move forward and if you experience any problem in moving your car forward, then there might be an issue with the transmission. So, in order to address this issue, you can replace it with a used transmission that turns out to be effective as well as cheap. Furthermore, Auto Parts Company provides used transmissions that come with 1-5 years of warranty and delivers 100% satisfaction to the customers.

Transfer Cases

A transfer case is a part of some important components of a vehicle that is used to transfer power to the front and rear axles from the transmission with the help of driving shafts. Furthermore, there are three basic types of transfer cases such as full-time 4WD, part-time 4WD, and active 4WD. However, the transfer cases are different for different brands and models and you can buy them at Auto Parts at very budget-friendly prices.